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Bringing Financial Clarity to Your Divorce

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February 25, 2015
Why TAX RETURN issues NEED to be in your agreement!
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Everything you need to know about the tax credits, deductions and benefits with respect to children and the issue of spousal support that you MUST negotiate in your separation agreement!

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4. Sharon Numerow on talk radio with Charles AdlerSharon Numerow on talk radio with Charles Adler

Our referral to Sharon proved to be the silver lining during an otherwise stressful and difficult time. Her sound advice and knowledge of financial implications helped guide us through each decision that comes with the painful process of splitting one life into two. We were able to negotiate a fair settlement, while keeping the well-being of our children front and centre. In just a few meetings - with nominal cost - we avoided unnecessary legal fees and completed the process with minimal emotional and financial impact. Sharon’s direct yet empathetic approach kept us focused and helped us move forward with our lives. I will continue consulting Sharon for yearly tax advice and will also continue recommending her to anyone I know who is going through divorce and requires a mediator. – S.N.

Divorce demands financial decision-making that requires expertise

Divorce demands financial decision-making that will alter the rest of yours and possibly your children's life. Most people have no knowledge of the specifics of the finances of divorce. Many are too emotional to make sound financial decisions regarding their future. Quite often poor choices are made, choices that are permanent. These decisions require the experience of a divorce professional who specializes in the analysis of divorce finances.

Alberta Divorce Finances is Alberta's only divorce financial practice. Sharon Numerow is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), and the founder of Alberta Divorce Finances Ltd. For more than a decade, she has consulted with individuals, couples and family lawyers to help people understand the financial and tax implications of how an impending divorce will change their financial future.

Sharon has a deep and personal understanding of the short and long term financial implications of divorce and is highly committed to helping her clients clarify their financial future.

Working with clients at every stage of the divorce process

  • Pre-Divorce Stage Alberta Divorce Finances consults with individuals contemplating the decision to separate and/or divorce.
  • During the Divorce Process We meet with individuals and couples who are just beginning or are in the midst of the divorce process and also work with clients and their respective divorce lawyers and/or divorce mediators.
  • Post-Divorce Stage We meet with individuals and couples to review their new financial and taxation situation, to recalculate child support, and review ongoing issues.

Partnering with Alberta divorce lawyers and divorce mediators

Alberta Divorce Finances is also a financial resource for divorce lawyers and divorce mediators. We are strategic partners to law practices supporting matrimonial lawyers or the collaborative law team. We will work with divorce mediators to form part of a formidable team helping couples to come to resolution on all of the financial issues. We will enhance the work of lawyers and mediators by helping your clients clarify and understand their financial decisions. We can enhance the services that divorce professionals offer by bringing financial clarity to their clients' divorce cases. If you are an Alberta family lawyer or a divorce mediator who would like to grow your practice by taking advantage of our services please contact us.

Contact Alberta Divorce Finances today for a FREE 30 minute initial consultation. Call (403) 703-7176 or click here.

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